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Morning Chores


I’ve gotten lots of questions in the past several weeks about how we handle chores around here. First, I should say that there is no such thing as spotless in this house. It’s not possible!! Somebody has always just spilled something, or peed on something, or spilled pee on something (We’re still potty training). On top of that it seems like nobody is actually eating based on the amount of crumbs that are on the floor after meals and everybody tries to act like they “forgot” whose day it is to sweep. We can’t really go a day without doing laundry or it piles up real fast. So, we have to have some type of system. We’ve tried a bunch but this one is my favorite for chores, well morning chores anyway. I’ll make a separate post for the other chores

For morning chores the kids all have their own chore “badges” on a lanyard in their color (I’ll explain our color coding system later). As soon as they wake up in the morning they are required to put on their badges and can’t take them off until everything on the badge is completed. Right now their responsibilities every morning are to:
Make up their Bed
Wash Face
Put Away Laundry
Daily Journal
Breakfast Dishes
Get Dressed
Brush Teeth/Floss
And then my oldest has to take out the trash as well.
There are two things that aren’t listed on the badges because they change every day. Whoever is the special helper for the day has to switch the laundry over ( I always put a load in the washer before bed so they would put it in the dryer) and the special helper is also responsible for putting away the dishes in the dish rack (that I washed the night before). The prayer prince/princess (will also explain in a later post) for that day has to assist with this chore as well! We only use this system for the morning because it’s what works for us but you can use it for after school chores or daily chores as well.

WARNING: Chore badges will not rid all children of the pesky whining and complaining  associated with having to do chores. Also, be prepared for one or more children to “lose” their badge. The beauty of this is its so simple to make these babies!!! Continue reading


DIY Nail Polish Caddy

PicMonkey Collage

DIY projects are my favorite. First because I have complete control over my project. And also because it’s so much cheaper than going to Target or shopping on Etsy. With Christmas right around the corner I’ve been trying to think of ideas that my hard to please older kids will like and that won’t break the bank. Well, Miss Keja, (10) who is completely obsessed with zebra print these days is going to be getting a room makeover as a Christmas present. I also happened to have this old spice rack, that I’m not even entirely sure where it came from. I know I didn’t buy it, nor have I ever used the spices in it…..how did the spices even get there? Hmm…..that’s something to think about….Anywho, this was super easy and super cheap to make. I picked up a can of spray paint for like 3 bucks, although if you wanted to go ultra cheap I’m sure they sell spray paint at the dollar store. And then I grabbed a roll of duct tape for $3, which they also sell at the dollar store but I wanted leftover for future projects. If you are wanting to add any words, you can get a small bottle of craft paint in any color for less than a dollar and stencils. I should add that me and stencils don’t get along….like at all….ever,….. so I found these peel and stick stencils($2 at Walmart) and I was able to get through 5 letters with only two…..okay maybe three….curse words.30583

The project is itself is easy peezy…..you just want to make sure you are in a well ventilated area and put plenty of newspaper down. Wash down the wood surface with water and mild dish detergent and let dry completely before spraying on the paint. Once dry, inspect to see if it needs another layer….or coat….or whatever paint savvy people call it. The spray paint I got actually did a pretty good job on the first coat (and dried fast) but because I tend to be a bit of a psycho when it comes to these things I sprayed like three coats on. ALSO….if you are super bright like me and prop open your door for ventilation, beware that little furry acorn chasing creatures WILL make their way into your house, but no fear, the leftover donut that your four year old refused to eat because it looked like an oval and not a circle will be conveniently close to you so you will be able to use it as bait to get the squirrel out…but not before tripping over the Fisher Price fire truck that your 8 year old left in the middle of the kitchen. Once the paint is dry….and the squirrel is gone….you’re ready to apply your duct tape. I just measured the inside of the shelf and cut the length that I needed. Then you’re ready to do any stenciling at this point. This is the part, during MY DIY project,that I discovered that my 2 year old had got into the black paint…..presumably while I was chasing critters. So before applying the lettering to my nail caddy, I had to scrub paint out of my area rug, the wood floors, her hands and face…and of course put new clothes on her. But the finished product turned out beautifully and we’ll hang it up in my daughter’s room when we do her makeover!!