What’s Happening?

Okay, so I’m finally doing it guys. It’s no secret, my family and I are always on the go. I’m constantly finding new and exciting things for us to do….and the exciting part is….most of it is usually cheap or FREE! Whatttt???? Who doesn’t like cheap or FREE! Scrolling through my Facebook comments there seems to be a trend. Where were you guys at? How much was it? Will they be doing it again? I wish I knew about these events!

So……….(drumroll please) from now on I will keep you guys up to date on WHAT’S HAPPENING! I’ll try to post as far an advance as possible (as soon as I know) so that you can have time to prepare. We all know that being prepared is essential when having families and kids and pets…and whatever else you may have going on.

Spring Break is coming up so I’m sure everybody is looking for things to do with their little ones to keep them from going crazy or dying of boredom, right? And I don’t know about you guys but my kids get really antsy being cooped up in the house, especially on the weekends….Speaking of weekends……..

creative kids

Every first Saturday, The Old Bag Factory hosts their Creative Kids Event from 11 a.m -2 pm. They have free bouncy houses, make and take art stations, and kid friendly activities throughout the ENTIRE building. They even offer tables for your kids to sell their own art! In the past our kids have gotten to make their own clay sculptures, play with lincoln logs, take a ukelele lesson, and do tons of craft projects.


Again, this event is TOTALLY FREE. Just show up with your kids between 11 and 2 on the first Saturday of every month. The next event is this Saturday April 2nd!


Twas the Night Before Easter Rental for $0.99


Right in time for Easter, if you head over to Amazon‘s website you can rent Veggie Tales: Twas the Night Before Easter for just $0.99!!! You have 30 days to start watching after your rental and then once started you have 48 hours to finish. Perfect family activity for you and your little ones this weekend. Click here now to get this awesome deal.


Free Hot Wheels Classroom kit for 4th Grade Teachers


Hey! Are you a 4th grade teacher? If so, Hot Wheels is offering this KRAZY FREEBIE, a Hot Wheels Speedometry classroom kit. Your kit will come with:

  • 40 die cast Hot Wheels cars
  • 16 orange loops
  • 16 track clamps
  • 64 track connectors
  • Over 100 feet of orange track

Just click here to request your free kit. Due to high demand shipping may be delayed. Expected to begin shipping in May.


Homemade Laundry Detergent

laundry detergent

So, nobody told me that when I became a mommy I would be spending the rest of my life doing laundry. I mean seriously, sometimes I’m doing laundry and I’m just like, where did these clothes even come from? I swear I’ve never seen this sweatshirt before. And then I have the type of kids that wanna change outfits 72 times a day. What do they think this is, the Grammy’s? No matter how caught up I feel like I am, I’m never really done washing clothes. There’s always that surprise basket of laundry that emerges from the darkness, taunting me, as if to say “Ha, woman! You thought you were done with laundry!” I swear I’ve heard the dirty bath towels do the evil laugh before.

Well, I figured since there is no escaping doing the laundry I might as well find the most affordable way to do it. I think I was spending close to 470 billion dollars (this is not an exaggeration) a week on laundry detergent, fabric softener, dryer sheets etc. (which I use all homemade versions of now…thank God).

The best part for me is that this homemade detergent only requires three ingredients AND they are easy to find…you don’t have to special order anything or go to a specialty store. I usually get my ingrendients from Meijer but if you don’t have a Meijer where you live you can find this stuff at Walmart, Target, Kroger etc. All you’ll need is

2 cups Borax

2 cups Super Washing Soda

9 oz of bar soap such as:


Fels Naptha

So, for about $10 you can make enough laundry detergent for about 80-100 loads, depending on the size of the load and how much detergent you use. You only need to use 1-2 tbs of the detergent for each regular size load but for larger loads you may  need more.

And now for how to make it. Omg! Easy Peezy…..even the baby helps me sometimes


First thing you’ll need to do is grate the soap. I just use a regular cheese grater and I’m weird so I like to combine two different bar soaps. (1 full 4.5 oz bar of each) Usually Zote or Fels Naptha,but you can also use Dr. Bronners, Kirk’s Castile or Ivory as well.


This next step is optional but I put my soap shreds in the food processor/blender after grating just because I feel like it mixes better with the other ingredients. It’s totally not necessary and won’t change the way your clothes are cleaned. You can see though it’s a lot finer after being in the food processor.

soap shreds

Next thing you’ll want to do is mix all ingredients together, the Borax, washing soda and grated soap. I pour mine into a big bowl and stir before putting it in the container I’ll store it in just because I feel like it gets mixed more thoroughly. You could also pour directly into the container and shake I suppose. That’s the way I did it the very first time I made laundry detergent but it wasn’t mixy uppy (I’m sure that’s a word) enough for me


And now it’s ready to store. I keep mine in a Mason Jar. Actually I pretty much keep everything in a mason jar these days. But it’s perfect, air tight and doesn’t take up too much space in my laundry room. And Voila, there you have it. Homemade Laundry Detergent. That wasn’t so bad now was it. Now smile at all of the money you’ll be saving, not to mention the chemicals you’re getting rid of!! Woo-hoo! Let me know in the comments how this worked out for you!


Traveling with Kids

road trip

Over the weekend our oldest son performed at the Indiana Percussion Association invitational in Pendleton, Indiana…about 2 and a half hours away from where we live. This may not seem like a very long distance to some but when you have 5 children with you it seems like FOREVER!!!! We could have gotten a sitter and just went ourselves but we’re always up for an adventure and I know the kids enjoy a chance to get away….especially if it means going out of town. So, if you’re like me, having as much as you can with you in the vehicle is extremely important. It means less stops and less whining….for the most part. Having kids you know they will still find something to whine about (The sun is too much hot….says my three year old). I try to come up with a checklist of what I think we will need…and then some. So, if you’re planning a trip that’s more than an hour away with your little ones here’s some things you will definitely want to pack.


    SO the idea is to save some money by not having to stop by any gas stations or fast food restaurants along the way. It’s better on your pockets and better for their tummies. Try to pack things that are individually wrapped and as few crumbs as possible if you don’t want your van to look like the bottom of your toaster.  Some good choices are granola bars, trail mix, nuts, seeds, easy to open fruit…I do NOT recommend oranges…small children usually can’t peel them by themselves and you will end up with one or more kids handing you their slobbered on oranges at the same time, demanding for you to peel them…while you’re driving…..because asking Dad who is doing nothing but starting out of the window makes no sense to them. Anyways….water! Also bring water for them to drink. Reusable water bottles are best because their less likely to lose the tops but bottled water is fine too. Some companies even make smaller bottles so they aren’t drinking too much at once which leads to the dreaded bathroom stops.


    Coloring books and crayons or hardback picture books for the little ones and longer chapter books for older kids. Bigger kids enjoy drawing too, so sketchbooks, markers, colored pencils, etc. are a good idea.Also mom and dad, depending on how long the trip is, you may want to bring that book you’ve been trying to finish for months but can’t find the time to read. Audio books are good too.


    This is a pretty broad area and will mean something different for each family. While I don’t generally let the kids have a lot of screen time on tablets and such….being “trapped” in the car with five little ones, complaining that they are bored makes me temporary change that rule for the road. I would choose to hear Minecraft and Geometry Dash music over whining ANY day. Travel games like magnetic chess and checkers are fun. Portable DVD Players (with headphones….lord Jesus, please don’t forget the headphones…I mean unless you want to hear talking vegetables the whole trip) are a good idea. I really hate that our van doesn’t have a DVD player like our old one did though. That was definitely a great feature.


    If a child can get hurt, they will. And the way parenthood works is if you don’t have band-aids, nothing will happen but the one time you forget them all the kids will get some mysterious cut…at the same time


    Unless you enjoy cleaning up mushed up bananas off the floor of your car


    I maybe should have had this one higher on the list. It’s a definite must have, especially if your final destination happens to be somewhere you want your kids to look presentable. You won’t even understand how but they’ll spill everything….everywhere and if you don’t have extra clothes your friends might think you’re raising the Garbage Pail Kids


    Kids complain for no reason blah blah blah. They’ll get cold. Even if it’s summer…and 90 degrees. Also, if you’re taking a longer trip it’s a good idea to have one for an impromptu picnic in the park along the way


    I think that’s pretty self explanatory. Although I do recommend wipes over napkins if you have kids like mine that don’t like you using your saliva on a napkin to clean their faces.

    A few extra tips

….never pay full price for a hotel if you’re planning on spending the night somewhere. Try sites like Hotwire or Priceline to get a significant savings.

Always carry extra cash in case you decide to take tolls or come across some unfamiliar place that accepts cash only

Make sure jumper cables, flashlights, gas can,etc are in your vehicle prior to leaving.

If you have any additional tips for traveling with kids feel free to leave them in the comments.



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