Spring is here, kinda….


Yea so technically it’s Spring here but the snow that we’ve been getting for the past week says otherwise. But, that’s Indiana for ya right?  I feel bad for all of the kids though because last week was Spring Break and we couldn’t really enjoy the outdoors like we normally do. But, we made the most of it. We spent Sunday at the Fairgrounds (pictured above) which ended up being pretty fun.  The kids got to see all types of animals and learn a lot about the foods we eat. We took a tour of The Chocolate Factory on Friday which was insanely chaotic.  I had two of the kids I babysit with me, no stroller because apparently mine was broken (found that out when we got to the Chocolate Factory) but it was still a good time. 


Kira met her teeball coach last week AND daddy signed up to be assistant coach so she’s pretty excited about that.  She didn’t get to have her first practice though because of…..snow! All three of the older girls are practicing for the spring recital in gymnastics.  I didn’t sign Olivia up to participate because her attitude is way too iffy for me to be spending 50 bucks on…. Just keeping it real.  Some days she goes to class and she’s amazing.  Other days she has a complete meltdown if she can’t do something perfectly.  So, yea…. we’ll stick to regular classes for the moody three year old. 
Really grateful that IPA (Indiana Percussion Association) is over for Trey (my teenager) because I get to see a lot more of him.  I’m kinda freaking out though because his birthday is exactly two months away and I have no clue what to do for this kid. If you’re reading this and you have any ideas for a boy turning 15 please leave it in the comments.
Between him and the “super middles” (Caiden and Kaila) I’m at a loss. The super middles are really hard to find activities for. Caiden decided he didn’t want to do Taekwondo anymore but he wants to play soccer so we’re just waiting for that to start….and Kaila wants to play basketball this year so we’re looking for a league for her. 
I just wish time would slow down.  It seems like just yesterday they were all so little.
Ok, I need to stop before I get emotional.  Just wanted to catch everybody up with where we are in life.  Instagram is the best way to follow the day to day in this crazy zoo.  I’ll try to post more family updates on here as well.  Really looking forward to warmer weather and more adventures for The Krazy Eight!!


Eating Healthy


So, obviously eating is something we all have to do….and while making sure it tastes good is pretty high up there on the priority list when it comes to meal time I also want to make sure I am encouraging smart eating habits and making sure it’s nutritious.

There was a time when I would just stock up on boxed cereals and pop tarts and let the kids grab whatever they wanted in the morning. There was a time when I would stuff their lunchboxes full of fruit snacks and oreos to go along with their lunchables or hot dogs. That was until we made the choice as a family to eat healthier. Gone are the days of processed foods and it’s my duty to make sure my kids (and husband I suppose) have a hot breakfast and tons of healthy foods to choose from throughout the day. What I’ve come to realize over the years, and also common sense, is that if I don’t buy the junk, it’s not here for them to eat.

Preparing three healthy meals a day can be a challenge, especially for those moms (and dads) that have a job outside of the home but there are a few ways to help ensure you’re on the road to eating right.

  1. Scheduled, regular meals as a family- If possible, everybody eats together…at the table. It can be hard to have dinner at a certain time every night, especially if you have little ones involved in tons of extracurricular activities but it’s really important to have that routine. Post it on the fridge….breakfast at 6:30, lunch at noon, dinner at 5:30 with snacks in between. Plus that eliminates whining children from asking a million times “when is it gonna be time to eat?”
  2. Mom and Dad eat healthy- Let’s be real, no matter how many times you yell “Eat your carrots!”, we know that kids watch what we do more than they listen to what we say. If we are setting a good example as their parents by eating healthy, they will follow suit. Don’t make them eat raw broccoli while you’re eating hot cheetos and donuts……or you can eat it hiding in your closet at one in the morning…..not that I’ve ever done that or anything
  3. Let kids help-  All kids like to help out in the kitchen. What better way to encourage them to eat right than by letting them assist in whipping up a healthy meal. If they’ve helped make the food they will definitely want to eat it.
  4. Variety- There are so many more choices out there beside apples, or celery with peanut butter. Try a variety of different fruits and vegetables. The more you try, the more they are bound to like.
  5. Make mealtime fun- As angry as you might get that your two year old didn’t eat their peas, don’t turn dinner into a battle. Don’t force kids to clean their plate. I know most of us grew up that way, but kids know when they are full and if they don’t like something, forcing them to eat it won’t make them like it any more and you’ve taught them that it’s okay to control them using food.
  6. 6. THE INTERNET- Literally my lifeline. Sometimes I just run out of ideas and so off to Pinterest, or a cooking blog I go. You can put absolutiely anything into Google and get what you’re looking for. My favorite site at the moment is 100 days of Real food. I got all of last weeks lunch ideas from there. But wherever you draw inspiration, good luck and Happy Healthy Eating!!!!

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